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Proment is a leader in the manufacturing of equipment for mass production automated facilities. The company possesses over 40 years of experience and a high level of expertise with emphasis on the Powder Metallurgy (PM) industry in the production of high precision tools, dies and a variety of heavy duty 4-160 ton compacting presses, with up to 8 servo axis. This experience allows Proment to develop, design and quickly bring to market, the most innovative and cost effective state of the art equipment. Proment is a customer oriented company, working well with small jewelry outfits to the world leading powder metal equipment and component manufacturing companies.

Mr. Shimon Koubi

Mrs. Tamara Koubi

Company Founders and Owners

Proment  “GearSolutions”

 as presented at Toronto show 2009:

We offer services such as: Product design, Machine design, and Production line design (product development for manufacturing, fabrication of components, OEM build, machine assembly and integration). In the Control solution systems we offer Electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic design and integration (Vision, robotics integration, PLC, HMI programming and etc.). As a project management company we offer to our customers management services including, company conversions and consulting. Proment has its own product manufacturing facilities. Our PM division offers powder compacting equipment such as: hydraulic powder compacting presses, powder metallurgy, inspection stations, packaging stations, palletizing stations, and adaptors. Our manufacturing division supplies conventional machinery including: pneumatic, hydraulic presses, assembly finishing, machine finishing, quality and inspection fixtures, packaging stations, smart feeding equipment, the most innovative and cost effective state of the art equipment. Our clients are world leading jewelry manufacturing companies located on five continents using our automated machines and dies systems such as master die-sets system, digital roll feeders and rotating production presses. (Our PM client base also covers the following states in the USA: Arizona, California, Chicago, Detroit, Indiana, Nebraska, New Jersey, New York, St. Mary's Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Texas; in Canada - Ontario; in Europe - Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland; in Middle East - Israel and Jordan; in South America - Bolivia and Dominican Republic. Proment can provide its services to other areas not listed above).

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