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Proment specialize in delivering turnkey projects, including assembly and integration of Servo Hydraulic Presses (SHP), Robots, Palletize Handlers, Adapter systems, Pressing Tools and special multi axis Adapter (Rigs) systems with up to 14 hydraulic cylinders. Our product design is customized to the special needs, location and requirements of our customers. The Proment SHP is the only press of its kind in the world, providing customers with many standard features and unique advantages, such as the immediate ability to program their own software and operating system.

Our main product lines include:

Product line 4-160 ton of Powder Compacting Servo Hydraulic Presses (SHP) are designed and
  assembled to meet and exceed most of performance parameters &    requirements set forth by the
  customers and market leading companies.

Peripheral equipment including Robots, Stackers, Handlers etc.

Multi Axis Adapters and Tooling for powder metal applications.

Automated Quality Control computerized visual systems.

Tooling and dies for jewelry applications.

Injection molding tooling for powder metals and plastics industry.

Digital Feeders

Hydraulic Presses

PM Presses

Multi Axes Adaptors


We Turn any Manufacturing Challenge to Quality and Working Solution.


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